Water wash is the most effective and refreshing way to clean your body.

Everyone has the difficulty to clean himself and herself after toilet properly. The E'LOO hygienic cleansing electronic bidet provides women with hygienic and refreshing feeling, helps kids clean thoroughly and raises the awareness of the cleaning benefits after toilet. Also, it provides men with the manly style hygiene.

Dual Nozzles Design

Dual nozzles design with adjustable water volume provides more hygienic and suitable water wash experience.


Family Wash - Unique water pluse and wide range washing area provide each family member with delightful water wash experience.               

Lady Wash - Wide and gentle washing area, specially designed for women, provide ladies with more comfortable and healthy life. 

Instant Heating

Warm water wash adopts more eco-friendly instant heating system. Differ from conventional heating system; E’LOO instant heating system saves more energy and reduces the potential bacteria growth due to long-reserved warm water.

UV Sterilizer

Patented UV sterilizer can inhibit the growth of bacteria to more hygienic wash toilet experience.

Adjustable Warm Air Dryer

Adjustable warm air dryer provides your bottom with dry and warm experience.

Activated Carbon Deodorizer

Activated carbon deodorizer removes unpleasant odor and provides fresh bathroom experience to the next user.

E’LOO accommodates nearly 100%

E’LOO fits most toilet fixtures in the market; also, installing is simple and does not require to renew the old toilet installment.

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83C 原價$45,999元


85C 原價$35,999元














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